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    Equestria Girls review

    After a number of delays, I've finally finished my equestria girls review i started making shortly after the films released but wasn't able to finish till now, hope you guys enjoy the rage this movie induced upon me. Watch the video below to see my complete thoughts on the madness.

    link to video:

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    I like your little dude cartoon demon thing. for the most part I would agree with you except I did like some of the songs and I found entertaining twilight's attempts at doing things in that universe. So I'd give it a star or two more maybe.

    I was hearing some staticky sounds in the audio; was that just me though?

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    There was one part I think was actually kinda funny: Trixie's cameo.

    But honestly... it's blatant fanservice. Ha$bro appears to have developed the idea of using "fandom drops" as a way to mask a drop in writing. People outside the original demographic are not watching MLP so they can spot Derpy or Vinyl Scratch: They're watching the show because it's written well and doesn't assume the kids are too stupid to remember things like continuity. (This movie can't even get its OWN continuity right!) This movie just does NOT feel like it was written by the MLP writers. Did they order the writers to write something fast, and took the first thing they put down without giving them a chance to edit it? Did they take the script and give it a poor editing job? Did they walk in mid-writing and tell them to write something else and then not give them a chance to edit it? Because Cardboard Cutout aka Flash Sentry / Brad really screams "Penciled in mid-development".

    Also... apparently they wanted to write a prequel in the comic series, mostly explaining how Sunset Shimmer somehow knows what the element of magic looks like. However... a few things wrong with that:
    1) You have to have read a book... so a movie will make sense. That's just poor writing - isn't this supposed to be a standalone?
    2) It still sidestepped gaping plotholes.



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