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    Hello, I am currently a psychology student at UNC-Chapel Hill and like to draw in my spare time. I received a graphic design certification a few years back and plan to get back into that along with more illustration practice. I plan on posting some concept work and sketches here and there and hopefully I'll get the time to do a full piece. I love music and am currently taking a DJ class which I hope teaches me some awesome skills. Haha. I hope I can improve my art skills and can't wait to see what kind of art people post here.

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    Hiya, nice to meet ya, I'm Charrio a furry cartoonist and mouse
    Welcome to the site, and I hope you like it.
    Take a gander at my Gallery here, hope you like and brings a smile.

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    Welcome to the website ^^

    Hope you will like it here and make some friends

    If you have any questions, just ask them

    Have fun and good luck with the DJ lessons

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    Thanks! Nice to meet you as well! And I'm trying with those DJ lessons haha

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    Hfffff- Damascus is the name of one of my (favorite) characters in a story I am writing. ♥

    Also, welcome aboard!
    Something interesting about myself.



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