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    Friend-only submissions showing in thumbnails?

    Here's the situation: I go to a page of a user I follow, see 5 submissions in a folder, with the thumbnail in the "pile of pictures" format. Yay! I click the thumbnail, and get "There are no submissions to display". I go back, thinking maybe they were just deleted between the time I loaded the user page and the gallery page, and reload the user page to check. Nope, they're still there. Nope, clicking takes me back to a "no submissions" page.

    I can't be totally sure these were friend-only. I hadn't friended this user, but I just sent a request and if he accepts and I see them, then surely that is the case. (or some kind of weird lag)

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    Hi, Tanukisan!

    Can you be specific about who you were trying to browse and where (URLs), the steps you took to try to browse the submissions?

    This will help us understand what you're running into.

    Thank you very much!

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    Going to go ahead and close this one for lack of response...if it's still going on and you can provide some specifics, in the future, please do!



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