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    Looking for an artist to help with a new character design

    I'm looking at updating my character's design, and I'd like an artist to help out, the general idea would be to provide stylistic input and ultimately do a picture (full-body, colour) or ref sheet. Naturally, I'm looking to pay for your services.

    I'm after a pretty realistic style, colours, and a willingness to tweak things until they're just right.

    The character in question is female, and has some relatively complex and unusual king cheetah-like markings.

    If this sounds like something you're willing to help me out with, please let me know. :)

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    I am a realist artist. I was not able to PM you though, drop me a message. I have a price list, but I am very open to negotiation. If you are interested, we can work something out.

    I have artwork on Weasyl as well as my personal site here:

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    I'm open for commissions too.. and I'm new to weasyl too XD
    If you're interested... lemme know XD
    if you're interested:

    Else you can ask for traditional or digital, cheap prices!! ^^

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    That sounds like a fun project. I would do a ref sheet and/or a picture for $30 each, in watercolor. Here are some examples of the kind of watercolor work I do:
    NSFW tasteful nudity

    If you're interested you can contact me here, on weasyl, or at xyloart at gmail dot com.

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    I'd love to help you design your character! See my profile for examples of my work. Here is a general price guide for my commissions:

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    wow that sounds like a cool character. I'm thinking my style is not what your looking for but I wanted to say it sounded interesting!
    Whoever gets that should have some fun!

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    My gosh that sounds like fun! My gallery is over here,

    Feel free to contact me if you're still looking for somebody to commission. We can totally work something out :>
    Weasyl | DeviantART | Tumblr
    Always open for commission!

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    I'd really love to draw this for you! I've done quite some restilings and firt-time designs, and while I may have only a semi-realistic art, I'm pretty precise when it comes to markings and especially spotted ones:
    When I do these kinds of designs with customers that involve a lot of tweaking, my methos is this: I offer a sketch page of cleaned up sketches for 5$ each fullbody, drawn with the preliminar written description (examples: ). We start tweaking the details on those sketches (for free) until we're set with the character, and then we move on with a full reference sheet.
    Ref sheets cost 35$, they are digitally flatcoloured and include: a frontal view, a side view, a back view, up to 5 bust shots with expressions OR close ups for accessories and body part details, a colour palette and a fur pattern chart.
    Examples of refs:
    All my drwings are general rated, I take payments via Paypal and I provide sketch and coloured WIPs for approval. Completed image will be sent in high and normal resolutions!
    You can contact me via forum PM or Weasyl PM. Let me know if I can help you! ^^



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