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    [Suggestion] What's New RSS Feed Bar

    I was just thinking of something useful both forums and mainsite to have a "What's New:" information box which is a little scrolling marquee showing the latest trending topics happening on the forums, including important information. But instead of one of those constant scrolling boxes, since those become annoying to read, it scrolls along the next information and stops for a little before showing the next information, a type of RSS Feed which actively collect what's going on the forums. Best example of RSS Feed bar would be something like this site here has;

    This would also save people time looking for threads they were last interested in, plus keeps track of who last posted to what topic. For it to not be too much of a distraction on the mainsite, you'd just have to place it where it will look tidy and not out of place so that people will notice it, but not notice it enough to be a big distraction?

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    I haven't used the RSS features even though I have been meaning too. But that seems like it could be a cool page. Not sure how helpful it would be to me personally. I do like the idea.



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