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    I think it's an odd question I see both as different instruments. I primarily play acoustic now day because of album writing, and I've took a break from my ibanez. But I play so differently on both different playing techniques and genres.
    That might help my perspective a bit, good point. Maybe one of my issues is that I don't see them as different, which is why I'm so intent on tweaking techniques around that can be shared. I suppose experimenting is a big reason why I love playing music, and there are some incredibly crazy ways you can play a guitar that you'd never think of, sometimes. Least for me. I don't really know why I want to do this as much as I do, but I've learned to trust that part of my mind. c:

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    I prefer electric, acoustic is to bulky for me.
    Besides I play metal and punk, so electric is the only way for me.

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    Currently I am having Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar Bundle with Strings, strap , tuner, chromacast guitar bag pitch pipe, lesson & chromacast guitar bag.. I got these all with my guitar. It is a great quality for beginner guitar.. This guitar sounds great and is very solidly built... I want to sell my guitar and want to buy LV-09E ... I am loving the features of this .. I am now much professional in the one I own..

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    These days I'm for acoustic all the way. It's easier to play with others, which is all I really enjoy doing anymore. Had my fun with the electric guitar, but I needed to move on from rock/metal to grow and gain confidence as a musician. And it's a little awkward playing trad and classical on an ESP. Besides, it's so much fun to get the acoustic out and get everyone singing!

    Plus guitar amplifiers arent really welcome in sleepy residential areas, especially one filled with police.



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