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    Streamline the notification page, even a little bit plz

    Hallo! Just joined, enjoying the site. Already have a wish list.
    Here goes:

    - Please let me nuke each notification category. Or "select all" in a category, to then delete.

    - Or better yet, let me choose not to receive them at all. I specifically don't need favorites or streaming notifications, but want the others - other people might want a different mix of notifications. Can we choose to cut down the notification bandwidth? Wouldn't that help overall performance, actually? Right now it looks like everybody gets everything, with no way to efficiently manage this aside from one notification at a time.

    - Please let me checkbox "follow notifications" and then follow back all with a click - right there on the notification page. Right now I see the notification on one page, click to go to the account page, click to follow, which then loads a third page, so i then have click back twice to get back to my notification page - which loads from the top if the page so I then have to scroll down through all the non-nukable notification categories and find my place again, then repeat. Responding to a follow notification takes a total of four clicks and significant scrolling around.

    - Please let me checkbox "friend requests" notifications and friend back all with a click. Even the friends management page, which seems like it should let me do this, doesn't. Instead it takes me to the account where I then have to click to friend, which loads a new page, so then I have to click back twice more to return to the friends management page. Again four clicks to do something it seems like I should be able to do from the friends management page. How is this page any different from the notification page, which would also require four clicks per friend request?

    - Please let me automatically accept friend requests as an account preference. This may be too much to ask for, but since I'm wishful thinking, anyway :\

    In general why so much clicking around? I'm currently transferring a huge amount of images from FA still, which will take a considerable amount of time to do. Managing following and friending, four clicks at a time, with page loads in between, for even a hundred folks I'm interested in is increasingly a conflicting priority for the time each day I'm able to devote. I could swap over 40 images, orrrrr friend a dozen people.

    Pls halp :\
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    you should be able to turn off what you get notifications for at your site preferences page

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    I wonder why art notifications, either submissions or collections, or god knows what else I haven't seen are even segregated. I can see having some kind of notation informing the user of what type of submission it is, but creating three sets of pages for artwork and three clicksets especially when a a not insignificant amount of that work is going to be duplicated from submission to collection, just leads to a lot of work on the user end to clean things up.

    I also wonder why there is a nuke submissions button on a page that won't display all the submissions to be nuked. That has on a few occasions caused me to lose submissions I didn't realize I was going to lose. And yet when going to the actual submission page where it would become useful, I instead have to click a bunch of other objects to do the same thing.



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