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    Noo Yooser

    Uh, hi. I'm Draugr. 27-year old male (though my wolf fursona is only 22, and is only...sort of male, heh). Crys convinced me to make an account here to make some suggestions, said the staff was pretty open/welcoming and stuff. I don't draw. I do write, though very rarely anymore. Be warned if ye be looking in my gallery, fetishy/kinky stuff there.

    Overall I'm pretty impressed with this as compared to FA (where I have the same username). Faster, more streamlined, and it "feels" like the core of the site is more efficient. So, that's cool. Not to knock on FA or anything, I mean, I've been there for years and I like it, but I gotta be honest with first impressions (I made my account a long time ago, uploaded a few commissions, and then haven't done much with it since, so...what I'm getting now is still basically first impressions).

    I have a steady, well-paying job that requires greater-than-40-hour weeks (usually on the order of 55-60 hours), so please don't write me off as some basement-dwelling diaperfur living on his parent's money. "Furry" and other related kinks are a large and important part of who I am but I don't let it impact my ability to be successful or live a normal, sociable life.

    Um...I don't know. I guess that's it! Anything else?

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    Hiya, I'm Charrio a mouse who doodles.
    Very nice to meet you, also Welcome to the forums.
    Nice gallery, cute Fursona
    Take a gander at my Gallery here, hope you like and brings a smile.

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    Hi draugr I have been visiting this site for quite a bit.

    Also Weasyl has a little more option like the create a group option so if you wanted to make your own little group that is the place for it.
    FA forums use to have something like that but they changed it and you can not create a group.

    You can on the actual site however but it feels more like a username then anything else. If you are really into making groups and communities on a art based website I suggest checking out Deviant ART or DA for short. They actually have banners for there group and it is quite easy too do last time I was on there. So I hope you enjoy yourself and did you say you was a diaper fur?



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