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I hadn't known there were any browsers/readers with that capability.
I was thinking more of potential use as a back end tool for the site. Potential use case:

* Select a set of allowed file formats for literary submissions (eg. DOCX, ODF, text, PDF, ePUB, Mobi, RTF).
* Allow writers to upload any combination of the above for each literary submission. That way they can be specific about formatting if they wish.
* Use Calibre to provide automatic conversion to supported formats the author hasn't uploaded themselves.
* Add a "Download as..." link on the submission page. Mark any automatic conversions as such.

At the moment SoFurry appears to allow users to download any written submission as an ePUB file after doing an automatic conversion, this extends the idea to cover other common formats and allow writers to provide their own eBook versions instead of only having automatic conversions.