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    Hello Weasyl members! :D

    Hello everybody!

    I've just discovered this art website from a friend on deviantART and thought it would be good to give it a try! I'm both a traditional and digital self-taught artist and I'm looking forward to your feedback on my artworks (I strive for improvement ) Since I'm a new member, I have a couple of questions to ask about how this website works and what kind of work is accepted (for example, does any artwork submited has to be related to fursonas or animals or any kind of art is allowed? *I've read the rules and the policies, but I'm just confused about the gender of the artwork itself. Is fanart allowed?) I am also looking forward to accept commissions from everyone, so long as they do not go against my personal beliefs, do not contain nudity or porn, racism, gore and any other sensitive materials. For the time being, until I have grown a regular member of the site, you may have a look in my deviantART account and the kind of art I work on. My username there is 20Tourniquet02.

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    Hello and welcome to the website

    As far as I know you can upload Fanart, You can post commissions for people on weasyl like this: , But this is for the commissionair if they want to upload your work. You just have to add the name of the user you want to give the commission to.

    Hope you have a lot of fun here and if you need to know more, just ask

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    Welcome, it's a pretty good place.
    I'm Charrio, a lil mouse who doodles now and then.
    Nice to meet ya
    Take a gander at my Gallery here, hope you like and brings a smile.

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    Thank you very much!
    Nice to meet you as well!

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    Hello! Nice to meet you!
    Thank you very much for these information!
    By the way, do you know how can I change my profile picture and avatar?



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