1 - What is your persona's species?
heh, well, he's a lil red panda macaw beta fish ;;;v;

2 - Is there a reason or special way you identify with this species? If so, what is it
there really isnt a special way i identify with him... hes a cutie lil babe??? idk ///

3 - What is a unique or personal favorite trait of your character?
He's so bubbly and exciting, always ready for something new!

4 - What is your favorite game?
uh.... pokemon of some sort really. always has, and most likely always will be.

5 - What is your favorite color?
either periwinkle or light blue!

6 - Why does that color kick other colors' asses?
such color, much excite, wow

7 - Why is your favorite color such a bully?
such confuse, wow, wat

8 - Are you seeking help for your favorite color?
no, my favorite color is doing just fine, thank you.

9 - Do you read the other responses after typing down yours? Be honest!
no, actually i read a couple before typing this haha

10 - If you had a superpower, what would it be?
psychic powers...telekinesis or mind reading idk

11 - With this superpower, would you be a supervillain or a superhero?
hahha probably a super villain....

12 - If you could choose any profession, what would you be?
i'd like to go into the psychiatric field of work..

13 - Why does this profession peak your interest?
i have this deep sympathy for people with mental illness, i get along with people like that also..

14 - You can name four children. What are their first, middle and last names you choose?
hhheh well there wont be any last names ok just firsts
1. Christina Francesca
2. Paisley Ann
3. Maximilian (no middle name hehehehe)
4. Edward Donald (long story on this one)

errrr...... yep! thats me..... woo! if you read all that, congrats, and also thanks haha