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    Suggestion:Ability to drag pictures into your favorites

    DeviantArt allows you to favorite things from their thumbnails; I think that'd be a nice addition to the site. For that matter, bigger thumbnail options! Assuming they're not censored purposely, of course.

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    I do love how you can organize things into favorites over on DA, but I don't actually like how clicking and dragging object thumbnails up causes your favorites folders to appear. Mostly I like clicking and dragging the submissions to new tabs so I can look at them while still having my notifications open in another tab. But that drop down thing feels like it's just there to actively block me from doing this. X3
    Maybe the folders can be on the side.

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    Just curious, how is it useful to favorite something without looking at it first?
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    I've always wondered about that myself...

    But on dA, the thumbnails are huge and most of the time show the entire image. For small or simple pieces of art, it might work.
    Or, I dunno, maybe people fav things after they've browsed through all their submissions? Or collect them for later? (Favs would be a weird spot to do that, though...)

    My vote is against it though, because you should be viewing the artwork before faving anyway...

    EDIT: I just remembered, that on dA, you can fav two ways after viewing the submission: you click the Favourite button, or you drag the favourite to the top (just like your can with the thumbnails). This makes far more sense, as it allows you to sort things into your Collections (aka. "folders") a lot faster than clicking the little drop down arrow beside the favourite button. That is where drag-and-drop favourites are handy. (But we need fav folders first)
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