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    Potential submission bug?

    So I have it set to not include any extreme or adult stuff by default.

    however I noticed that I had a submission in my messages that appeared to be moderate (Eg, it had a little border nearby) and then it said I wasn't allowed to view it.

    By default, do things above your set filter level appear in your submissions, or should they not?

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    I've noticed this too, mostly with collections but I think I've seen it in submissions too.

    I know on FA it's usually a result of someone changing the rating after the notification was created, maybe it's something similar here too?

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    To the extent that these are bugs, there are two open regarding when this crops up: (ratings change) (collections in particular)

    In general, you shouldn't expect to see notifications for content you're not allowed to view, thus the bugs. If you would like to watch one or both, you can create an account on and star the issues.

    Hope this helps!



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