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    "Collections" Hindered by Thumbnail Options

    So here's my problem. We have this "Collections" system, meant to separate art by a user from art for a user, to lessen server load.

    Here's the problem: Front page thumbnails can only show Submissions or Collections. It can't show both. Which means, if someone wants a picture of themselves done by another person on heir front page, they have to upload it themselves anyway.

    I think this is going to render "Collections" near useless unless a change is done, maybe somehow make more types of thumbnails visible instead of just one set?

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    Personally I'd like to see the site treat them no differently from regular submissions, but instead simply allow them to be grouped as a collection rather than forcing them. Like you said, if I'm an artist and I commission someone else or someone sends me giftart, that currently means I can't showcase it with the rest of my submissions. The way it should work is that they're just categorized differently but still show up on your submissions 'feed'.

    More suggestions re the collections system over here.



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