I just appeared out of nowhere. I found this site when I searched for a pokeymanz a month or so ago, found a picture of it posted here, thought "oh, new social art site", bookmarked it, and only very recently remembered it existed after some major moping about how even Russians are ditching LiveJournal (a site I cling to for 8 years out of nostalgia and love for its perfect, simple system) and ConceptArt.org which is now almost a zombie. I thought I'd jump in here while it was new. I'm glad to see there's basically a high average quality thing going on here! And while it's a small community (which somehow I doubt will last long, then all the kiddies with their doll bases and character generators might come crawling in) I really thought I should dive in and try to make a few connections!

Usually I'm like 2 or so years late to the party.