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    c ool, this should be a nice eyebcatching piece!

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    lol, I think this would hurt my eyes to paint xD
    I think its due to the green dragons wing. maybe you can tone it down near the bottom so it doesn't seem like a mass of harsh light. It looks great but I tend to stare at the really bright part which takes away from the whole picture a little bit.
    Though that last green line that yellow right now might change that all

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    Hmm that's a really good point. I should change that portion. Hmm hmm hmm.

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    I think it'll start to pull together a little better if you didn't use black for your shadows in the future. I like how bright the yellow is (even if yellows really hurt my eyes) But the dragons themselves are really muddy, I'd like to see this same image only all the colors as in my face as the yellow.

    Right now the light source doesn't look very consistent across the image is it coming from the top right or the bottom right? Where the dragons are in the image is getting pushed and pulled all over the place because of the shading.
    Fish heads! Fish heads! Rolly polly fish heads! Fish heads! Fish heads! Eat them up! Yum!

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    ooo I like this new one a bit better simply because of how you utilized the space in where his wing is now folded more.



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