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    Suggestion for viewing Artwork

    I apologize if that has already been suggested!

    I'd like to see something implemented where, when you click to view a submission, it starts out at a smaller resolution, much like FA and DA do. When I click on submissions here, they are displayed in full, even on the front page. I'd love to see this done differently. Such as clicking on the image to display it larger.

    I would really just like to be able to see the whole image without zooming out of my browser. I realize I could just re-size them pretty small for weasyl, but I'd rather not have to make several different saved versions just for one website.

    An example of the difference I guess would be like this:

    How Weasyl displays:

    How FA displays:

    A bit nicer! I can get the feel of the whole image!

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    An option to have the submission resized to fit completely in the browser window would be nice, but some people prefer to have the default as "Just show me the full sized file already". I personally enabled this on FA, because the default small view of a submission was too small to see anything meaningful. On the other hand some people upload files that are way too large to fit on anybody's screen...

    A mode where the submission is guaranteed to fit inside the window would still be nice.



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