What is Paws of Provenance?

Paws of Provenance is a follow up to the 2012/2013 Group Play-by-Post role-playing game that melded a group chat RP and Forum game: Paws of Provenance.

In the Paws series, each character is a dead soul from some other world brought into a new world and given a new, Anthro body based on some aspect of their personality or life (If they were already anthro, they become a different species). In this world, each of the players must work together to build up a town and create new areas to gather materials from while fighting embodiments of Raw emotion and negative thoughts: The Upsets.

The Paws series uses an intricate and player driven system of crafting and statistics to bring a big gaming element into the mix in addition to role play through player interaction.
For an example of the previous roleplay, take a look at the following forum (an account is not necessary to view).

Plot Details

Each of the Paws games has a different plot to it. In this one, the characters find themselves in a vast, open and blank world ready to be shaped by imagination. This is known as the Melding World.

Greeted by a young girl named Trace, the players are tasked with defending this world that they may use to better themselves and rebuild into a new and more responsible society (ultimately, “A world better for ourselves”). An impending threat looms overhead past the mighty door in the sky named the “Heaven’s Gate”, and its the responsibility of the world’s new denizens to build up resources and eventually break through the gate in order to reach Aetherius Sol, where they will defeat the heart of all Upsets, Pathos Cardia, and save their new home (in addition to having the possibility to return to their old lives).

Is it available to join? Or can I obtain more information?
We are currently accepting and interviewing players to join the game, but the game is undergoing construction and might take some time to start up. In the meantime, you are welcome to add me (Sushihad on Skype) and discuss details of the Role-play, as well as present any inquiries you may have about the game. I will also give you the details necessary to create a character. You can also post on this thread for information about the RP.

What are the requirements for Joining?

- You MUST use skype. The group chat is hosted on Skype because it is the most convenient medium of communication. There are no plans to move to IRC (as not everyone uses IRC).
- You must create an ORIGINAL CHARACTER made specifically for this Roleplay. You CANNOT USE A PRE-EXISTING OR PRE-MADE CHARACTER. This includes the character design/appearance, so you must create the design yourself or commission someone to draw the character (which will be more available as details emerge). If you are an artist, you are free to offer commissions for people within the RP who may want a character designed as well.
- Your character must have an outfit. When registration opens, you cannot submit a reference with no clothing (this is for the sake of other role players who are not entirely in the Furry fandom and maybe be bothered by nude references).
- This is NOT a sexual RP (though that’s not to say you can’t do smut between two characters that get close to each other). Do NOT apply with a sex driven or fetish character. The minimum age of all characters is 13.
- You must be courteous and respectful to all other role players, and be accepting of the different levels of experience (not all players are the best role players). Negative attitudes and disruptive behavior is not acceptable.
- You must have a competent level of writing. Spelling issues are fine, but you cannot role play with text speak. The primary language of this role play is English.

What do I need to make a character for this?
You can visit for info needed to create a character in addition to finding the character sheet. The Bio info should be sent to me via skype, either through the messenger or via a text document.

If you’re interested, feel free to add me in addition to telling your friends about this.

We are expecting to be able to start initial RPs on either the 23rd depending on progress, as a lot of mechanics are under work being revamped from original systems. As the nature of most alphas go, some content is not entirely present and will be added over time.