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    Collections suggestion: change ownership of submission

    Let's suppose that I want to post something that was drawn for me, but not by me. Now, under the agreed acceptable rules on Weasyl, this is fine to do! But we also have this collections thing, meant to cut down on duplicate uploads, and this gets me thinking.

    If an artist is already on this site, personally, I'd want to ask them first if they're willing to post the picture and offer it to me to add to my collections. If they do, great! They post it, and offer it to me for my collections bin. If not, well, it was still done FOR me, so I can still post it, giving credit to them, which is also great.

    But...what about the case where a person isn't on Weasyl yet (or isn't moved in), but someday might be? It would be nice (for consistency, and also to prevent having to delete one image just to add it again, and it loses all of the comments and favorites), for this to happen:

    1. New user appears on Weasyl -- I once posted something they did FOR me.
    2. I'm able to offer that user the image - not as a collection, but to take ownership of the image.
    a. If they accept, everything about the image, description, etc. remains the same, but THEY now own it, as the artist who made it, and it is automatically added to my collections because I did this.
    b. If they decline, nothing happens. The image remains mine, and stays in my gallery as it is.


    I should add that this suggestion really shouldn't be implemented unless reasonable controls are in place to prevent a submission from being deleted out from under me in my collections - that flow control idea appears in

    (tl;dr - I wouldn't want to 'give a submission away' when the artist can then delete it out from under me without me realizing.)
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    Oooh, I like that idea.
    I've personally never been keen on when users upload art that isn't theirs. I know they credit, but it's odd sometimes and I want to favorite it, but then I find that a different user did it, and 8/10 that image is on their profile too xD

    I feel as though even though the other user claims ownership of the image, it's still in your gallery, so I don't think it should be deleted?

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    Ah, now I understand. You're talking about using collections as a means of enforcing 'who owns a submission' - which is not how I would want this used. Weasyl says that both parties have equal rights to post a for them/by them, so that's the bottom line on that point. Having two copies of the same thing (one for, one by) is completely fine. But 'collections' is not there to enforce ownership, but simply to reduce duplicates in the database, as I understand it.

    THAT SAID, the idea with this suggestion is to allow a way to mutually consent to transfer a submission's ownership from one person to another within the collections system.

    Here's what Weasyl itself has to say about Collections:
    The Collections system's main purpose is to cut down on duplicate uploads of the same piece, so as to prevent unnecessary consumption of site space, and so the original uploader is guaranteed full recognition for their work.

    Although we have this system, users are still allowed to upload pieces made for them/that include them. However, we do encourage users to try the Collections feature.
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    I would also love to see this as a feature, along with having folders in the collections area along with the ability to submit to collections for the art that is from an artist that is no longer in the fandom. Mainly just some organizational things.



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