Poll: Should user post count be disabled?

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    Forum Suggestion: Remove Post Count

    Currently, we've no ranking system with benefits that requires the forum to score each individuals posting habits. The post count is also an incentive to post more, but it does not necessarily show quality. It's an excuse for quantity under the illusion of being a more active and prominent figure.
    Though keeping a tally of a member's posts is unnecessary like many other options that we have, I can understand why some people would like to have it.
    If disabling the post count system is out of the question, will certain sections of the forum be an exception? Examples: Welcome Centre, Role-Playing, and Forum Activities.

    An optional replacement for the Post Count under ones name could be a drop-down menu selection for the type of artist (or non-artist) you are.

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    I like having a post count. :U

    And hmm... I don't really see the point of having a drop-down selection for the sort of artist that someone is. Soon enough when the main site opens, a link to Weasyl accounts will be in the sidebar profile things anyway so you can just click on it to go directly to their page. It seems kinda redundant.

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    We were looking into this and we have installed a mod that will make posts from here on out that are under 225 characters not bump up post count. Posts over 225 characters do bump up post counts.

    This will hopefully help cut down on low content posting and encourage users who care for post counts and such to try to put more effort into posting on the forums, instead of racing to reply to everything as fast as they can and such.

    Current bug with it is that if you make a post that isn't lengthy enough to bump your post count and then delete it, it moves your post count down one on the visual side. Looking to see what scheduled tasks we have available to counter this with a post count update every day and such.

    Disabling the post count in certain sections can be done and already is applied to our Forum Activities section.

    As for selections of artist types, we'll leave that for more of a mainsite thing, as Lee said as well.

    An example of 225 characters is the following quoted text:

    This is an example post of 225 characters. This will help us cut down on spam, so please try and make posts of around this length! I hope this helps you figure out a rough estimate of what this number is, and have a nice day!

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    Also achievements are a terrible idea. Roosterteeth has those and it makes new users feel out of place and encourages a bunch of mindless posting. User activity should not be a high score competition in any way.



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