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Thread: Oh, uhm, hello

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    Oh, uhm, hello

    Hi there. I'm new to the forums, if it wasn't already obvious.
    And to weasyl in general, really.
    I don't usually talk much on forums, a lot of people on other sites weren't particularly civil, so it put me off. But I'll give this one a shot. Mhmm.

    Anyway. About me. Well, I'm a furry like a lot of people around here. My character's a derpy Rhino by the name of Golem.
    I'm a 18 year old fella' from the UK.
    I enjoy drawing, animals, games, psychology, science and cooking.
    I'm more active over on Facebook and tumblr. But we'll see. If there's enough nice people here I'll stick around.. heh.

    uhm. yeah. .u.
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