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    its sort of a big list i guess

    even though john k is a huge dickhole im not going to deny that i was influenced by him for a while

    and joe murray mainly because id watch rockos modern life all the time when i was younger
    i liked the eyes and how varying all the characters were?? like their height weight everything it was all so different

    thurops flapjack oh man when i see that art i wanna draw right away i am literally in love w that art
    i love how everything is just really gross in that show yet there are really cute things in it
    i think right now im probably the most influenced by it than anything else really

    i mainly do get inspired by animators or comic artists

    and of course anything colorful as fuck and trippy and weird
    especially if its drawn and is different im not talkin about psychedelic kinda art where its just swirls and shit i mean more like there is a character or smth thats the main focus you know what i mean

    just different weird shit

    and id be callin myself a liar if i said drugs dont inspire me too
    i dont actually draw when im on anything (unless you count that one time) but i remember shit ive thought up and draw it when im all sober or try to the best i can at least

    and also nature really inspires me and so do people
    p much everything does really i guess
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    It sounds like the real question here is "Where do you get your ideas?" For the science fiction I write, most of the ideas I get come from reading.

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    Most of the inspiration for my music comes from art, stories, other songs and emotion.

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    Incongruity I guess? I don't draw, and I'm hesitant to call anything I do "art," but I have a lot of fun colliding ideas that seem to not go together and trying to force them to overlap in some way. Usually it just turns out to be a joke, and jokes are good too, but sometimes I end up with something that I can't remember having seen before. That's when I feel like I genuinely have something worth pursuing.
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    Soundtracks, Diego stocco's videos, and amon tobin inspire me the most.. and the music from movie or game trailers..
    sometimes I get inspired just from a random sound I hear outside or somewhere. XD

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    I find other peoples work inspiring, that and Sci-fi films and science documentaries. I really enjoy that with some historical show or maybe some music. Though the best inspiration I get is seeing something in person and going, "Wow, I would really like to get to that level."

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    I usually listen to music and get inspired from there. I picture scenes in my head based on the types and different genres of music that I hear. It really depends. A slow, romantic song will make me want to draw couples, while a blaring rock song may make me want to draw something with action or bright colors.

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    I use music as inspiration frequently. I always listen to music when I draw as well. I also get inspired by other artworks that I see.

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    Hmm, well let's see. Movies, TV series, anime, etc tend to inspire me the most. Because, I love drawing fan art, even if I almost never finish it. Music is also a great inspiration, along with poems and stories. Anything that can get the ol' artistic gears going really. I also tend to get really involved (and slightly obsessive) with whatever I'm listening to, watching, reading, etc. (Which must drive people up the wall.) So, I tend to be easily inspired. But I usually do nothing with such inspiration. Because lazy. >>;
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    My inspiration comes from all kinds of different media and emotion.



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