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    Favorite Tools & Materials?

    Because, c'mon, how else are we supposed to make art?

    I know (or think??) there's a thread about your artistic process and favorite art books and all that, but I thought it might be fun to see and share what everyone uses in terms of pencils, pens, tablets, markers, etc. Pros and cons people have for stuff they've used and suggestions for newbies to give a try.

    This isn't a OMG THIS BRAND IS SOOOOOO SUPERIOR TO THAT OTHER SUB-PAR BRAND kind of thread - everyone has their own preferences. However, I think we can all agree that Rose Art is crap.


    I buy A LOT of art supplies to try out - especially cheap stuff because, well, I'm cheap. I have Prismacolor markers and pencils - both of which I really love. I also love Prismacolor's Scholar line, which is cheaper than their normal colored pencils and the leads are a bit sturdier. For anyone who hasn't used Prisma's colored pencils, the leads are very, very soft and can break easily, depending on how gentle you are with your coloring.

    I think Promarkers are comparable to Prismacolors and they're a bit cheaper (usually a buck and some change less).

    I've also used Copics, though I can't bring myself to buy them because they're SO expensive ($6/each!). i do really like them, however, as they're exceptionally smooth and seem to come in more colors than the Prismas or Promarkers.

    I've been picking up Stabilo's point 88 brand pen/markers and they're really nice. They're, essentially, fine point markers in a variety of colors. They're nice for simple inking, as well, and little details.

    My favorite purchases lately have been Spica's (one of Copic's brands) glitter pens. They're similar to gel pens, but a touch more transparent and in a wider variety of colors.

    I also tend to try out a lot of different papers. I love ACEO cards, Bristol board, and cardstock to draw and color on - the heavier the paper, the better, in my opinion. My sketchbook right now is a Canson Mix Media sketcbook and it takes inks and markers really well.

    I also have a tablet - an old Wacom Graphire 2 that's at least ten years old at this point. I use Sai to sketch/ink/color digitally and I use Photoshop to add textures/fine tune things~
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    Waccom tablet.

    I used to use colored pencils a lot when I was young and poor and my PC could barely run Office without chugging.
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    Wacom tablet Intuos3. Ever since my girlfriend won a cintiq I got pretty spoiled on it.

    Software: Photoshop CS5--I actually like the Pencil tool, after seeing it on pixiv. Sure it takes away the realism, but that's half the fun!
    Photoshop Sumi-e. Can't really find any good calligraphy brushes, but it's fun to do it on the comp.
    Traditionally, I like using the Zebra Z-Grip mechanical pencils and Pilot G-Pens. Actually those 6.95$ blank books you get from the discount aisle at Barnes and Noble have some of the nicest smooth paper I've seen, so I recommend it to anyone. Moleskines are fun to draw in, but the price makes it kind of painful as well.

    Also giving those "Nepalese tree-less paper" a try from B&N, those look rather fun.
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    I could never get into markers, I even went out and bought a bunch of prismacolors when I was a kid and I found out I hated it very quickly. So that was money wasted. XD

    Most if not all my work is done digitally so my primary tools are my Wacom Intuos 4 tablet with Photoshop CS5.5. If I'm doing lineart I use Paint-Tool Sai and on rare occassions I need a vector graphic I use Illustrator.

    Most my work is done digitally so my primary tools are:


    Wacom Intuos 4
    Photoshop cs5.5: Used for everything from sketching to painting.
    Paint-Tool Sai: ONLY used for when I'm doing linework, which is far and few between.
    Illustrator cs5.5: Used when I need a vector graphic.

    If you count front-end development then I also use Dreamweaver cs5.5.

    When it comes to traditional work I only paint or sketch.


    Master's Touch Fine Art Studio sketchbook (love this thing)
    Papermate protouch II 0.5 mechanical pencil (absolute favorite pencil, had this thing forever.. I should find another before this one breaks, I'll be sad when that happens specially since they i'm 99.9% sure they don't make this anymore.)

    Too lazy to go look in the other room at the brands, but when I paint traditionally I prefer oil, but will use acrylic if I have to.

    *edit* Apparently my pencil is super expensive, lol
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    Back when I was more into traditional stuff, Copic, Blick brand, and Sharpies + Cold-press watercolor paper were my favorite damned things ever. I still have STACKS of that paper sitting around (got a few $75 packs for like $9 each at a Blick sale a few years ago). I should try more traditional stuff.

    Now, it's mostly my trusty Wacom Bamboo and Paint Tool SAI for me. :U

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    When I do traditional art, I use whatever I can find. Preferences though are mechanical pencils because they've always been easier for me to use. I ink with micron pens between the widths of .01 and .08, nothing lower or higher. Sometimes I use a brush pen, but it's mostly for making really thick borders/outlines. I'm not the best at traditional art so I need to get back into the groove of it.
    To color I use colored pencils or markers, but lately I avoid coloring traditionally because it turns out like crap in my eyes.

    Digital art... A wacom tablet. I've used a wacom intuos4 medium for 3 or 4 years now and I love it so much. It's finally beginning to show signs of age, though, so I'm saving up for an intuos5.
    As for the program, I am a SAI worshipper. Photoshop just never worked out for me, ever. When I discovered SAI my life was complete.

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    My favorite is a tablet.

    This might sound stupid but I hate how the pencil makes my hand sweaty and then pools black on the underside. It feels gross. I'm a little compulsive about having my hands clean and it was really nice to have to deal with less pencil dust and shavings. When I draw/doodle on paper out of boredom now (usually in church), I do it with a pen because I dislike the grossness.

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    I mainly use 0.9 mechanical pencil, the built in eraser and multitude of sketchbooks/A4 arks

    For pc I have Wacom Bamboo pen & touch

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    For sketching I use light blue pencils, the lines can be removed fairly easily on the computer if needed.
    I also like sketching with ballpoint pens, used to reach for the eraser all the time and never get anything done so pens helped me get around that working with or around mistakes. I have not owned an eraser for a very long time.. years even.

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    I fully support Prismacolor! Great quality colored pencils; really the only ones I use.

    I do a lot of pointillism and use a lot of pen and in general, so I use both Micron pens and Faber-Castell. Faber-Castell pens are awesome for pointillism. I have a fine tip pen of theirs that lasted trough three pointillism pictures (lots of dots means lots of ink).

    As far as paper goes, I really like Bristol. My dad used to be in construction and once brought home many stacks of this kind of rough paper, but it's excellent for pencil drawings and sketching. And I'll throw this in here; I use a lightbox, too.

    And for digital, I use a Wacom 6x8 Intuos3 tablet, but really want an Intuos5. :c



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