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    [suggestion] option for enlarged images

    I have a suggestion. It would be great if I could hover over a thumbnail and see the whole image (small scale). That would make it a lot easier to see what is worth clicking on. of course, for those who don't like it, it could always be made optional.

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    While this could be fixed with a chrome plugin or FF, like the one for FA, i would like the option to turn on or off full sized thumbnails instead of cropped ones and to be able to choose 5x5 preview grid or 10x10 etc..

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    The thumbnail system as it stands is due a major overhaul. The main thread for discussion of issues with the thumbnails is here:

    Thumbnail Discussion

    Developing a tool to allow zooming on thumbnails probably wouldn't be worthwhile until the new system is implemented, though that's just my 2

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    I think that now the thumbnails have changed (and are working for mobile sites Yay!), this thread is relevant again. I think that FancyOwls' idea (link) fits the description I gave. Also, it is very easy to implement's since CSS has a hover function.

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    please use the thread Nightpaws linked to instead. we don't need this scattered across a million threads.



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