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    [Siggestion/question] Statistics

    Things I miss or can not find are a lot of statistics, for instance:

    - search statistics: amount of subissions found in a search/catagory of a search [optionally: amount per keywords]

    - site statistics: number of submissions in total, nr per day (no I don't see that as you bragging about how good you are )

    - activity statistics: submissions, pageviews, comments, favorites, followers, friends, messages of all time / per year [/ per day]

    if they are already implemented, where can I find it?

    if not then this is a suggestion

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    I think some of these things like "pageviews" and "messages of all time" probably aren't recorded to save server resources on constantly updating the numbers needlessly. There's probably still plenty of other, more useful stats though

    You can see some stats on It's not as detailed as you hoped but it's got the information that's meaningful and useful for most people.

    Some of the other stats will likely pop up in News and blog posts periodically. For example, Weasyl hit 10,000 active users in a day today



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