Hello there all. My name is Red, and I'm among the hoard to start moving over from FurAffinity after all this ridiculous stuff that's going on. If you're interested, my username over there is Littleredloli.

Now, just a few things about me before I check out.
- 18 Years Old
- Fine Arts Major in College
- Arctic Wolf
- Mostly digital artist
- Genderfluid; feel free to adress me with either male or female promouns, though my given gender is female.
- Loves long walks on the beach, romantic candlelit dinners and screaming random things like "STUVE" while flailing her arms everywhere

Please feel free to say hello and introduce yourself! I love to make new friends, and am hoping to become and admin here, so if we're lucky (or maybe unlucky, depending on how you look at it,) you'll all be seeing my around a lot more!