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Thread: Hullo :3

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    Hullo :3

    Just thought I'd check this out and see what it's like. Seems pretty cool so far, so I'll upload some art later on~

    Bit of stats about me:

    • 26
    • Female
    • From Canada
    • In an LDR
    • I draw mostly on my Bamboo tablet because lets face it, I'm too cheap to buy a giant scanner only to use it once a month maybe lol
    • I do RP but my muse has taken hiatus so just basic: *hugs* *giggles* and such for now
    • Generally I lead a pretty boring life, I work, come home, sleep, eat, work, draw xD

    I think that's all I can think of for now other than most of my art are OCs very few if any fandom things
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    Welcome to Weasyl, Pinks.
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    Welcome to Weasyl. Hope you enjoy it here.



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