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    I'm starting to like it more that deviantART, especially because you can more easily filter out things you don't want to see. Also, less art thieves and flash doll creations!

    Hope you like it here too.

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    Yup, came here from dA. :3 Dunno if I'll completely get rid of my deviantART though. As poorly as things have been over there, my account holds too much nostalgic value for me after two years, plus I have some rp groups I still like participating in on there. ;w; But at the same time, it's nice to have a fresh start I suppose.

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    I'm a DA mover here too. Still debating completely leaving, but Weasyl is doing a good job of persuading me to perma-move, lol.
    Be the potato.

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    Welcome to the forums! Weasyl, both the main site and forum side are a nice community, so transitioning from DeviantART to here shouldn't be too bad. Plenty of people are around to help you if you have any problems.

    Anyway, good to see new members signing up!



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