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    Cant change age on profile?

    HELLO I'm very new to Weasyl, nice to meet ya'll :y

    I'm trying to set up my profile and I noticed that my age is displayed wrong, I may have entered it incorrectly upon registering. My profile name is MadMeeper (I suppose I can't post links until I have a first post up)

    As you can see it says I'm 28. Welp I'm not, I'm 21 :u I got a couple of years to go before I get that old haha.

    SO if theres a way to change that I'd, appreciate it a lot if I could be told how to do that. I may have just brushed over it by accident but I can't seem to find it myself.


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    Just checking, is this on the mainsite or the forums?

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    OH yes I should have been more clear about that. This is on the mainsite. I know that you cant change your profile on forums until you pass that introduction stage they have going on.

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    Ah, you'll have to ask an admin.

    It's possible to change that, but I'm not sure who has permission to do so, or how much hassle it'd be.

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    Aaah okay. So how do I get in contact with an admin about it? O:

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    The easiest way is to email with your username and the correct date of birth. Thanks for letting us know!

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    Ah yes thank you! I'll do that right away!

    You both were very helpful :>

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    Glad we could help



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