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Thread: migratory birds

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    migratory birds

    We're all flocking in uvu I recently sorted my account out and plan to upload regularly here :> I've been using this site for maybe 2 days and wow I already prefer the layout and interface than other art sites.

    Anyway! Hi there! I'm Jae and I'm from England :> I'm a varied artist really, I love doing commissions and drawing my characters - which I have too many of. I'm pretty friendly, just a lil shy and I love love love monsters. Any kind, seriously.

    Nice to meet you dudes, whoever reads this and/or replies uwu

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    Welcome over!

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    Ah thank you!

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    Welcome to the site! Monsters and characters are awesome. <3

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    Welcome to Weasyl, Jae! c:

    And I like monsters. Monsters are cool.
    Can't draw them myself though, every single one of them always ends up looking too cute and cuddly instead of frightening and fearsome.



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