(I'll delete this if it's supposed to be art only or someone can delete it I won't be upset x3)

Hello! I currently don't have a job so I'm trying to sell my wares in hopes of getting some food money. I have an Etsy right here, and I don't have any for sale in the shop, but I do commissions! A lot of people like my ponies I made: Rainbow Dash example and pony commission page and Applejack. I can do ponies in either pose, both start at $15.

Even if you don't want/can't afford any, if you have a friend who does, please pass mention of my shop! Any commissions for charms I'll take through notes/request an item message on Etsy. Or you can post here and I can set up a reserved post for you! Please note I won't start until I get payment.

I also can try my hand at any furry OCs, but I don't really know how that would come out, so I'd take payment after the initial clay is done and before I fire it. I'll send pictures before too.

Here are some examples of art stuff:

$5 quick sketch - x
$10 ink - x

I don't know about color yet but that might change soon-ish. Meanwhile most likely it would be a waist+up sketch unless I think your picture would look better full sized! ( Sorry i'm terrible at drawing haha) You can message me through my dA if you're interested in a drawing!