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    I eat way too much fast food. Granted, I'm a skinny little thing, but obviously there's more to health than your weight. But alas, I work odd hours, so when I get off at work around 10PM, Wendy's is one of the last things still open. Of course, they have healthy options there, but usually after several hours of walking around knocking on doors, I need to stuff a burger in my gob. It is the only way.

    But yeah, my favorite fast food places are Wendy's, Checkers and Subway. Five Guys is never particularly fast for me, so I'm not sure I can even consider it in that league (although they are delicious as all hell).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasune View Post
    I LOVE Taco Bell. All of my friends hate it though.
    Whenever I go there I get Baha Chicken Chalupas, but now you have to pay extra for the baha sauce, apparently. >:l

    I also like Dairy Queen, because they don't serve just ice cream and the food there is pretty good too. A burger with a cookie dough Blizzard wins me over REAL quick.

    DQ serves a mean burger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PapayaShark View Post
    No ofc not. But I don't think a homemade burger is junk food. A homemade burger can be quite healthy. And so is sushi.
    I mean food that is junk, shitty food. And sadly most fast food is junk food. because it has to be made fast and cheap. My body doesn't run well on fatty, sugary food(bad fat and sugar that is), and I feel ill when I eat it.
    That I can understand at least. I attended some diabetic classes with my ward a few years ago and learned the difference because the good and bad fats and sugars.

    Also, sushi can be healthy, but it can also be considered a bit of a bad food depending on how you're regulating your diet. Store bought sushi tends to put sugar in the rice, and sticky rice is really high in carbs and starch. =)

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    I really don't eat fast food much but I like a little BK once in a while, maybe Arby's or Quizno's if I'm in Rochester.



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