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    Hello! Ephemera here

    Heya! My name is Ephemera and I am an artist and crafter. I'm no Milliner but i like decorating hats. I make custom jewelry, paintings, graphic design, sculpture, digital art, tails, horns, fairy wings, costume props and more!
    I am a big fan of anime and most science fiction. Novels and Movies both. I am a documentary nerd and a big fan of animals and their habitats! I keep an assortment of tarantulas, snakes, ferrets, lizards, frog, fish and of course, cats and a dog. I am also a slave to the almighty Internet. Oh yes. I do enjoy my little videos.

    i am often looking for new information, projects, and techniques. I also hope to bounce ideas around for group project and trades when i can.
    I Look forward to sharing my projects with you. Nice to meet you all.

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    Welcome to Weasyl.

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    So that's what a hat maker is called :o

    Welcome, I like you already 'cause you taught me a thing!



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