Trying to raise some money for college on the side, and keep myself busy with artwork. I'm looking forward to putting myself out on Weasyl and showing what I'm capable of.

For anyone curious here are some samples of what I can do and what I'm selling. All the samples are work-safe.

Doodles and sketches

Currently doing DFDs. The minimum cost for one of these doodles is $1.50, though customers can feel free to pay more. These are normally $4.

Colored pieces are $7, and if anyone wants some simple simple cel-shading you can get it for the same price. Lineless pieces, however, are $8.

Character sheets are $25 and this is my latest one.

Animated images can come in tweened versions and frame by frame. Due to the complexity and time, the prices on these vary. Tweened images will likely cost less than a frame by frame would and look "smoother." You can also have the option of a rough sketch frame by frame. Ignoring the colored-in frames of that sample, the rough sketch version can take anywhere from about 1-3 hours and would be pretty cheap depending on the complexity. I am trying to do more with flash and make more flash samples.

If anyone would like to see my gallery it is here, but as a warning anyone browsing with adult content turned on will see some NSFW work.