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    Dude thats awesome, I love monsters and drawing them. I really need to finish my monster drawings so I can post them Arhhhh
    I really love the muscles and the anatomy on such a skewed odd creature. Really cool,
    its a frog bull?
    Yes, a frog bull thing. Anyways, thank you ^_^ !

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    Life Studies and more to come...

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    Drawing your own hands are very hard, I used to do it a lot but I haven't for a really long time now (been drawing more animals the people). You did a great job getting all the folds and creases of the skin. The first drawing though, the fore finger seems a bit off, I think its because it should be a bit straighter at the tip until the second joint, but you have given it quite a bend there. Other then that I think they look great

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    A little Robin Appeared !



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