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    Last night was hilarious.
    I'll be hosting in about 5 hours from now if anyone would like to play.

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    I'm up for that

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    Game on!

    pass: flapjacks

    Come and have a few laffs with us!
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    I'm in! See you guys in game!

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    Still room, come have some dirty DIRTY fun!

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    That was a quickie...and my cards blew! Thanks for playing though guys.

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    Fun games, but I sucked!

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    I'll see about creating a game around Noon, EST. I'll post the details when the time gets closer.

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    I'll host a game at 11:30PM UK time if anyone wants to play That's an hour from now!

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    I'll keep a look out...just have not been able to play as I'm making art for a couple of freeloaders.



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