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    Literature thumbnail

    I think that the default literature thumbnail isn't good enough, since the only thing it shows is the weasyl icon with sometimes saying story or poem (most of the time it doesn't).

    What would be better is a preview of the literature, including the title and the start of the submission (like on dA). It shows you exactly what you want to know if you are looking through the submissions.

    I found out that the title is already there when you hover with a mouse. I didn't know this since I mainly use the mobile version of the site. There the title doesn't show since I have no mouse but a touchscreen.

    Still the preview option might be something that could be implemented in the future if thumbnails would become bigger or if they have a customizable size.
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    I'm not sure that a preview of the literature is going to really show much of anything at the Weasyl thumbnail size. I'd say that a custom thumbnail or perhaps something more descriptive would be better. After all, you're not going to figure out if it's poetry, song lyrics, a short story, a series, etc just by the first bit of text in a submission.

    Text submissions are kind of hard to handle on a site where images are more or less the primary submission type. What would be better is to separate story submissions and image submissions so they can be presented in different formats - Images as thumbnails and text in a list with tags / short descriptions. But that'd require some redesign and I'm not terribly sure it can be done efficiently.

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    This isn't something we're really set up for right now, thank you for the suggestion though.

    We have plans to distinguish different types of submissions in the default thumbnail though, but no ETA on that.

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    @Runefox: Well I think that the thumbnails are a bit small, but that is an other topic. You are right that the preview wouldn't fit, but the title could fit and a title gives already very much information about the story. If it isn't shown it is just like a roulette table . "Hmm, which one should I pick this time..."

    And literature is already a different part of the website, so separating story submissions wouldn't be a problem.



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