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    Polymer Clay Suggestions?

    Sometime next week I'll be stocking up on materials for a charm store I'm going to be opening soon. I plan on making things in bulk and would like to know some suggestions people might have.

    I've been using PREMO: Sculpey and the beginner tools made by Sculpey, the most I've done though was make some sushi rolls and some other misc foods and items. I plan on getting a pasta maker and some finer tools like an exacto knife and some sort of roller. I'm pretty much shopping at Micheals right now so anything I can find there I'll pick up. uwu

    So if you got some suggestions, tutorials, or advice I'm all ears! I'd really like to contribute in some form in my household but regular work just isn't my thing and I need to practice more and gain people tolerance before I can do drawing commissions. I figure making bulk items and shipping them to people will be a little more lax and if I need to I'll hire or get someone to volunteer to handle customers for me.

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    @o@ The first one looks awesome, all of these are going to be must tries!



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