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    [Suggestion] Tailored Search

    An idea I've been muddling around in my head would be the option for a sort of 'Tailored Search' that looks at your 'favorite tags' and omits results that do not contain that tag. The reason for this is because I honestly barely use the browse function on art websites because I have no interest in 90% of the artwork, so being able to filter that out in a simple easy to do manner without having to fat-finger in all the tags you like would be great. It's also worth mentioning that most search functions work by taking each tag as an 'and' so putting in two different tags drastically reduces results instead of increasing them like it would with this system. Now, this would not be a replacement for the regular 'browse' button but rather be an offshoot of it. Neither would it replace the search function as this function would be going by an 'Or' system rather than an 'And' system along with being pre-fabbed based on settings you made in your profile.

    A feature like this would require a tag repository like those found on Sofurry and F-list.
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