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    Developer offering services

    Hi folks,

    I'm a software engineer professionally and I've been keen to work on something in my spare time. For years I've wanted to burn FA to the ground but unfortunately I don't have that much time, however I do have some great ideas that I would love to explore.

    Some of the areas that I have ideas around are:

    1. Discovery - making it simple to find new artists that you would like. I have some algorithms that I would like to play around with in this area and I need an existing set of data to work with.

    2. Interactions - finding wants to bring users back to the site more often, and checking more frequently.

    3. Migrations - making it easier to import data from one to to another. This includes helping users find artists that they're following on FA on this site.

    4. UX and usability - understanding what users do most and making those features more accessible

    5. Optics and monitoring - data, data, data! I believe it's crucial to use data to make effective business decisions. Do you know how many people are clicking on links from the homepage? Which categories are most popular?

    and a handful of other miscellaneous things.

    I work primarily in C# at work however I have extensive experience in PHP and MySQL. Prior experience with HTML/CSS, JS (jQuery and Prototype, probably a bit rusty), Linux and Windows Server administration, Python, Java, and Photoshop (basic).

    If this sounds interesting, I would appreciate it if one of the administrators or dev lead could get in touch via PM on the site.

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    You should hop on over to our IRC to discuss this with some of our devs sometime.

    Weasyl IRC is accessible on, SSL port 6697. We're in #weasyl

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    Will do! I'll try catch you guys.



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