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    HTML5 popups for new Weasyl notifications

    I'm not too sure how possible this is within the site itself, or if it's even possible without google chrome, but anyway on my chrome I've got a little plug in for FA that allows me to leave my FA tab open and if it detects any new submissions journals comments or what have you have appeared in my notifications for example my tabs currently look something like this

    |Facebook|Weasyl|Site Discussion - p-etc etc|(1621S,22C,512J...)|

    As you can probably guess the last tab is my FA tab, and I really need to clear out my notifications, but I'm assuming you get the gist of the idea, it would certainly save me having to flip back to my weasyl tab every couple of minutes and having to refresh! I'd also imagine it'd be rather useful for artists as they work as they'd know quite promptly if they'd received a new message in their inbox.

    Thanks for reading~ Akira

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    I believe you will find these useful, if you use Chrome:

    Weasyl Notifier for Chrome:
    FA Notifier for Chrome:

    A set of these also exist for FA, WZL, IB for Safari, at

    Hope these help you out!

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    I think what Akira was talking about was modifying the title of the page in the browser to include the notification count. That's a pretty simple change, really, but it's up to the Weasyl staff whether or not it's worth doing.

    Alternatively, with regard to getting notifications as they occur, setting up proper HTML5 notifications would be better than needing to resort to an add-on. HTML5 rich notifications are currently supported with Safari, Chrome, and I believe newer builds of Firefox. As it's an HTML5 feature, eventually all browsers should support it.



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