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    Rawr from a crazy British dragon~

    Just thought I'd pop in and say hey all from a random dragon~ although knowing me I'll mostly just lurk about like the sneaky puddle I am (If anyone asks, it was an accident with some rubber bands, an irrational particle accelerator and a liquid lunch... Cookie if you get the reference!).

    I'll probably add a suggestion here, lurk a bit there, and just be a general nuisance to everything that moves! You can usually catch me somewhere, on holiday at the moment so not much to do but browse the interwebs!

    If ya want to know anything more about me or my 'sona feel free to ask, always love answering questions and once I'm a little happier with my work I'll likely post a few things over on the main site, writing only though, I don't draw!

    Feel free to drop a comment, I can be rather random and silly at times, and I don't bite! (Well... not always anyway, but only playfully honest~)

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    Welcome to Weasyl C: Your icon though, I love it!

    What sort of things do you like to write about? c:



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