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    Derp. Insert heavy wheezing

    I'm not good at this. Ain't never been good at this

    My name is Pandora and I am a rat who is trying to migrate to Weasyl from FA. I have actually had an account on the main site for a while, but for a very long time after an.. incident.. I was very shy and wary of the internets, so I didn't much go anywhere else besides FA and Facebook. But now I am trying to expand, not because of FA's downtime, but because of the severe lack of judgement, unwillingness to improve, and false promises that I have seen spewing out of the owner's mouth and some of the other heads there. I can no longer stand behind a site that has no regard for its users (especially ones that pay for ads, like ~me~) or has no willingness to accept criticism, suggestions, or even offered help! I have stood by and seethed at the poorly run and coded website for many years now, but now I would absolutely love to see Weasyl take off. On LJ I witnessed one admin take in some great offered suggestions from users over THERE, and I was so tickled by this that I am severely hoping that this becomes the new cool-place. I would much rather make my business transactions on a place that has their s**t together, and on top of that the website is new, innovative, and working on improvements instead of patching old holes. And seriously- does anyone know if they plan on opening adspaces like they do on FA? Because I will totally move my ad over here. Mmmhm.

    Anyway... enough about that and more about me... lol! I am a digital artist, but my real passion lies in sewing, metaphysics, and my IRL shop here in town, Unique Treasures <3 I make costumes and I have made a few fursuits, though I do not plan on opening that as a business until I make a couple more pre-mades. I am an empath and proud spiritualist, and I am hoping to maybe use some of my skills in my shop one of these days. I am an RPer (clean only) as well, and I am a writer who just finished her third year of NaNoWriMo! (3/3 wins!) I tend to be interested in a broad number of subjects, causing my brain to be going at 47402934322mph at all times, so please excuse any brain farts that occur during this time. Thank you.
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    Hey, welcome! It seems quite a few people are a bit frustrated atm, at least you got a chance to vent your frustration a bit. Hopefully you fill your gallery full of suits, will be cool. (:

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    Welcome to Weasyl! Hope that you enjoy it much more than FA. I am considering just using my FA account as a redirect to weasyl from now on... if enough artists move I think this place will definitely pick up.

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    Thanks, guys! I'm not so much frustrated with the downtime than frustrated that everyone keeps grinning and baring it, instead of moving on to a site that offers more options. I feel that would really show the leaders there that they can't just piddle around if they want to make a lucrative website. They complain about not making enough money for the site to support itself and using that as an excuse, but it is a large enough website that it WOULD be doing that if they played their cards correctly and offered something to the users for their donations. And I agree, Greykitty! I think I will start promoting it, as well. The more people who see it, perhaps the more we can get to migrate I also like the idea that Weasyl will be more open to other types of art besides just furry stuff. I had been looking for a place like that for a while that did also offer options for adult artwork, so yay! I am also seeing a more calm and good community here in these forums than FA's, so I miiight try to be more social no promises! (I'm internet shy.. is that weird? yes? okay!)



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