Me: Librarian, published writer, amateur artist, musician, and fursuiter/maker. Owned by horses and dogs, but I like cats and other critters too.

Actually I've been lurking on here for quite some time but still haven't figured out either the direction of the site or how to make it work. Posting literary material here is extremely difficult or else poorly documented. Plain text entry is unsuitable for poetry, plays, or anything that requires formatting, yet the other option of "embedding" is not really working. Mostly it just generates unhelpful error messages.

I had hopes that Weasyl would be more supportive of literary and musical submissions, and perhaps not as intolerant of non-erotic art and literature as the other big sites are. So far, I'm still waiting to be convinced. While I'm willing to post non-erotic material to see what happens, I can't get past the outdated instructions and the vagaries of both Google and Weasyl to get anything online.