I'm VDTT, though I would have gone by King Yaron if I was thinking straight. I have an account on furaffinity and was active there until hearing about some problematic screw ups a couple years back and just simply browsed, commented, and favorited. I saw this website through tumblr and decided to check it out, maybe reemerge from my hibernation.

I'm into expansion, whether it's inflation, weight gain, or muscle growth, though inflation's my main thing. A lot of it involves guys in various NSFW expansion-related situations. Like a lot of creative people with fetishs/kinks, I decided to build my own world the Great Expanse where I could entertainment myself and hopefully others. I do have other story ideas which I would post in the misc. folder.

As a writer, I get motivation through how people react to my stories and I enjoy engaging with them. I was never the diary type. Don't be afraid to comment, even if it's simple like "that's awesome." If you don't want to comment, that's fine too. I will still post.