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    Mar 2013
    I've been doing those yearly improvement sheets since 2010; I've found that the prospect of making one at the end of each year that is ever present in the back of my mind actually motivates me each month, so at this point it's something to look forward to.

    My one for 2012 for those curious:
    And my one for this year of 2013:

    Planning on soon dragging out my old portfolios and flipping through them for a "Draw This Again" exercise, but I'm not doing that till after this year is over. It's been a pretty excellent year for me in art, all things considered...

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    I struggle to see a *massive* improvement in my work. But I've also struggled with 3-4 year period where I was outputting only maybe one or two pieces per month, feel a bit bad as I think I stunted my development as an artist - I used to love drawing when I was little, then got into my late-teens and just...stopped. Like not completely, I could still knock out pieces here and there, but otherwise dealing with self-esteem issues ect, it's a long story but I've only really started being able to enjoy art again.

    Been doing the Pokemon Drawing Challenge, last year I managed about 7 days before I gave up, I'm on Day 13 right now with this years version, so I guess my stamina has gotten better even though I'm behind.

    The best of the bunch from 2012's Pokemon Drawing Challenge

    My fave so far from this year

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    Present time
    dang my style has changed a lot

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    I refused to do one this year as I felt I'd gone backwards in terms of improvement and activity ;o;
    I did compile a few things however, b/c I'm proud of how 2014 is going so far so I compared my new work to similar images from 3-5 years ago.

    quad monster character
    full body lady (2014 - 2009)
    full body dude (2014 - 2011 - 2009)
    waist up dude (2014 - 2009)
    cheeb human (2014 - 2010)
    chibi dog (2014 - 2008/2009)


    I can't see your newest thing with the main site being dead for now or whatever, but the 2013 one is super cute c:

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    I really love seeing everyone's improvements. <3 It is always fun to see.

    I made a small improvement sheet for 2013. I think I mostly improved in line and color quality and a little in anatomy. A few steps is better then none! However, something I realized is I drew a LOT this year. More then I ever have. Like, 200+ pieces worth. Made a thumb board of most of them from my artblog and other places. And even then I didn't add them ALL. So I am pretty proud of myself for drawing so much this past year. Even when things got tough.



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