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    Your average anime, metal, furry, brony, pirate, roleplaying, geocaching & gaming guy

    So, yeah, is the title enough or does this also require me to write something?

    Seriously, though:

    First off, I most likely won't be very active on this forum, I'm normally not much of a forum person, but with more and more people arriving here, I thought I should give my belated "hello" as well. Just saying, in case you wanna get in touch with me, you most likely should do so on the main site, but well.

    I'm some guy from Germany, Furry since about around 2006 or something, and here at Weasyl, well, since the invite-only period.

    While the "furry fandom" is one of my biggest hobby-centered worlds, I'm in general interested in all such "freaky"areas, no offence meant here.^^
    Be it furry, anime or the relatively young brony community.

    Also an avid fan of roleplaying of many kinds. Played pen & paper stuff for years, even though that's not really the case anymore, but otherwise all kinds of video game RPGs (PC and Sony consoles), occassional chat-RPs and stuff like that.

    Gaming-wise, I'm not limited to RPGs, though, it's a general thing that I'm a big fan of gaming, again on PC as well as PS3, PS4 and PS Vita currently, but here as well, open for new, and old, stuff.

    The "pirate" part of the threat title is not supposed to say that I like hunting for loot and booty, with a parrot and eyepatch (even though I certainly don't mind a nice piece of "booty" ), but that I'm member and supporter of the German "Pirate Party" and general the international Pirate Party movement.

    What else? I guess you see fursona stuff and such likes on my mainpage profile anyway, so, I guess this is basically everything you might want to know about me so far. Oh, I'm working in IT business, but I guess that's quite common in this fandom anyway.

    So, yeah, as I said, I won't be around the forums thaat much, so, feel free to hit me up on the main page.

    Have a nice time everyone, best wishes to Weasyl with the new influx of users, and everyone, enjoy your weekend.^^


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    Welcome RealZero, and well done on the intro-

    as for the welcome section, I think I'm going to halt on it a bit- before I turn into a doorman or greeter.



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