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    *sweats nervously*

    'Ey. My name's Wormy and I'm probably one of the many who's coming in from another site that's currently down.
    Umm.....I'm 20, a woman, have a girlfriend who's precious. My character/fursona thing is a panda with a moth-taur ah it's kind of odd.

    But yeah I'm...very awkward I apologize. I like making OCs and things of that nature, and I'm going to try to get into design selling/trading so hopefully I have better luck with that here than on FA or tumblr.

    So....Yo. ( U oU)/

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    Welcome to the forums Wormy, no need to apologize-
    every one has their uncomfortable or clumsy moments.

    It seems a lot of people are joining Weasyl because of the downtime on FA, I wonder how much impact it will have.

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    Welcome, Wormy!

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    Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here. :3

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    Hi Wormy! I actually joined today, mostly because DA is just starting to feel lonely to me ;c

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    //sweats nervously;
    its okey
    im awkward and shy too
    this is a good place. it is friendly. do not worry friend. welcome to wazzyl. <:

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    Welcome to the site .

    No need to feel shy here, we don't bite (much)! If you're unsure of anything just ask anyone for a pointer in the right direction.

    Enjoy your time here!



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