Heya, my name is Sasq.

I've been a member of the furry community since I was a wee lad. only Fully joining and participating in this past few years. The furry fandom is a great place, brimming with so many people who're are incredibly nice and positive.

I am an artist, and I thoroughly enjoy what I do. Artwork as taken the place as my number one activity. I hardly game as I used too, preferring to shove my nose into my little tablet and slave away on my next piece of work. I have a sona that is incredibly simple but I am glad I have chosen him. He is a ghost lizard basically, simple white ghost with big black eyes. I don't draw him often as he is more of an Ego then a character that I like to use.

Come visit me some time, grab a commission or a talk. whether it be on FA or here on the Weasyl forums even the site proper. I am always one for a good conversation and do enjoy talking to fellow fandom members and getting their insights. So don't be shy, if you want someone to talk your ear off just ask me a question and I'll have an answer for ya!