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    WHATS UP?! im sprink!

    how are all my fellow artists, creators, whatever ya call yourselfers? im sprink, i doodle in my free time, try to scrounge a little cash from commissions every now and then, and make things out of metal. i rock a cheap as all getout Monoprice 12" tablet, and a shop full of tools for all of my creating needs/endeavors. along with artisting, i also take part in many marksmanship sports including competitive Trap and Skeet, and benchrest centerfire competitions. so yeah thats all i will bother youwith about me, but feel free to ask questions. now about you, the one reading this, what are you good at?

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    Welcome to the hordes!

    I used to do cross country (running) for a few years, but other than that I can't say I've really done much competitively; never really had the time or the money for much else haha, though I wish I could've gotten into the competitive shooting. Sounds like an awesome time



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